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Fences and Patios

IMG_1061Greg Hutcheson Landscaping provides superb fence and patio solutions throughout the North Georgia area. Fence and patio construction defines any outdoor space, and it ties the house and the garden together by creating a natural flow. Most residents of North Georgia, Habersham, White Banks, Hall and Surrounding Counties area enjoy the nice weather outdoors after a short and wet winter. Greg Hutcheson Landscaping is your leading North Georgia landscaping company ready to meet your every outdoor-space need, and create an oasis where you and your family spend most of the year.

At Greg Hutcheson Landscaping, we offer superior quality and affordable prices for both residential and commercial fence and patio projects.

Fence and patio solutions bring functional and immediate results, permanently defining your outdoor space. Our expertise and experience make us a leading landscaping contractor in North Georgia. If you have a backyard in which you can’t or don’t wish to have a lawn, building a patio makes your space usable and easy to maintain.

All of us living in North Georgia know that our backyards are continuations of our houses and provide additional living space for eating and entertaining in the summer. If you wish to install a new patio, fence or just breath new life into your existing elements in the backyard, be sure to call Greg Hutcheson Landscaping for the most creative and functional solutions.

In addition to design, we at Greg Hutcheson Landscaping also sell, install and repair your existing fences. We sell and install the following types of fences and gates: wood fences, picket fences, split rail fences, aluminum fences, vinyl fences, ornamental fences, and all decks and patios.

Investing in a professionally designed patio and fence not only provides you with an outdoor sanctuary, but it also adds a nice curb appeal and increases the value of your property. Whether you want to redo your entire backyard or just include several interesting features to make the space pop, Greg Hutcheson Landscaping has the solution you need.

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