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Hardscapes & Retaining Walls

IMG_1299Greg Hutcheson Landscaping has over 15 years’ experience in creating beautiful, functional hardscapes in North Georgia, Habersham, White, Banks, Hall and Surrounding Counties . We specialize in all forms of stonework constructions including retaining walls, stairs and entryways, patios and fire pits. Our designers can help you choose from a wide variety of materials including brick, granite, limestone, slate and much more. Whether you want to section off a small part of your garden with a retaining wall or create a stunning outdoor kitchen, our skilled craftsmen are here to help you with every aspect of the design and creation of your perfect landscape.

Many of the most beautiful landscapes feature a mixture of plants, hardscapes and water. Stone walls and paths divide landscapes into different sections creating a more organized look. Stonework can also be used to create stunning water features such as ponds and waterfalls that will transform your landscape into a tranquil paradise. The strong, solid texture of stone provides the perfect backdrop for a lush, green landscape. The addition of elegant stone structures will improve the overall look and beauty of your home as well as increase its value.

Stonework and masonry are both an integral part of landscaping that add an extra dimension to your outdoor living space. If you have been searching for a way to add texture and variety to your landscape, then incorporating a natural stone wall or water feature into your design will help you achieve the desired effect. Patios allow you to expand your living space as you can create an outdoor dining area, workspace or simply a place to sit and relax after a hard day. Whatever hardscape you choose, you can rest assured that our talented craftsmen will complete the job with care and minute attention to detail.

Greg Hutcheson Landscaping uses only the finest materials to create beautiful, long-lasting structures that will withstand the test of time. Our experienced craftsman will assist you in drawing up a design that will complement your existing landscape and highlight its natural space. We can construct most hardscape structures including stacked stone walls, cross tie walls, stairs, walkways, patios and fire pits. Our craftsmen can also help you create an outdoor kitchen that will make the ideal space for entertaining guests during the summer months. Contact our team for a free consultation to help you create a stunning hardscape that will last for years.