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Landscape Maintenance

Sod New (3)Beautiful, healthy landscapes require a considerable amount of maintenance to keep them that way. Our landscape maintenance services ensure your yard is always in tiptop shape, from the depths of the soil beneath your lawn to the highest branches of your tallest trees.

Whenever we’re at work in your yard, we’re constantly evaluating the health of your lawn, trees, plants, and shrubs to ensure that problems are addressed before they cause serious damage to your landscape.

Lawn Maintenance

Our full-service lawn maintenance program includes weekly or bi-weekly mowing, trimming, and edging.

If you’re considering starting from scratch, our lawn experts can prepare your space for sod as well as install it.

Plant Maintenance

Trees, shrubs, and plants require periodic TLC for optimum health, growth, and beauty. In addition to installing them, we provide all of the services required to maintain them.

Seasonal pruning of shrubs and trees is essential for their optimum health and growth and requires a rather extensive knowledge of plant biology to ensure they maintain a pleasing shape, grow properly, bloom prolifically, and stay healthy. Additionally, pests, fungi, and diseases can decimate trees, shrubs, and plants and spread to other plant life in your yard. Treating your sick plants is essential for a healthy landscape.

Controlling weeds and pests in the garden protects your plants from serious damage and promotes good overall health, while regular mulching protects the roots and helps prevent a number of serious conditions that can put your plants at risk.

Irrigation and Drainage

Greg Hutcheson Landscaping is dedicated to the conservation of water through utilizing native and drought-resistant plant species in our designs and installing state-of-the-art irrigation systems that use cutting-edge technology to reduce the amount of water you use and prevent over- and under-watering. Proper irrigation ensures even coverage during watering to prevent dry spots and marshy areas. Installing an irrigation system is the best way to conserve water and keep your lawn and plants healthy and robust during even the hottest, driest season.

Expertise, Passion, Quality

Our highly qualified technicians, expert landscaping professionals, and fully trained maintenance teams are passionate about the green things that help keep our air, land, and water healthy. The Greg Hutchinson Landscaping team has many years of combined experience to keep your landscape looking green, feeling lush, and enjoying the best possible health.